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Vycaria provides Single Plane and Bi Plane C-arm Fluoroscopy Simulation Software for all Diagnostic Imaging staff.

The VCL's are software applications that simulate X-Ray Fluoroscopy (Image Intensifier / C-Arm) equipment using a real-time interactive 3D Games engine (like the PlayStation or X Box).



Who may benefit?


Anyone who works in Diagnostic Imaging, particularly staff who have direct or partial control of fluoroscopy equipment.


If you are learning...

  • Learning to operate the c-arm and table appropriately during a real-life procedure can be fairly stressful. It’s a steep learning curve.
  • Learning to operate the c-arm and table between cases is often problematic due to lack of lab availability, staff radiation safety constraints and lack of good quality radio-opaque anatomical models.
  • It’s sometimes difficult to have a mentor and trainee in the same lab due to staffing constraints.

If you already know how...

  • Knowing the best angles to visualise a particular portion of coronary anatomy takes time and experience.
  • Mentally reconstructing the 3D relationship between coronary arteries in your mind's eye (when you only ever see them very briefly as 2D images) can be challenging.
  • Often it can be difficult to teach the ‘basics’ of c-arm and table movement without ‘taking over’, making the training of new staff awkward and frustrating.

Using the VCL may enable you (through all of the above) to realise return on investment within a very short time of use. If using the VCL enables you to do just one more case in at least one lab, it will have more than paid for itself- not to mention the potential radiation safety benefits to both staff and patients.

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