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Free Downloads

VCL single-plane is now available here:


and here are the instructions:



VCL v2 is now available here:

and the one page user guide is here:


The VCLs need to be unzipped. Once this has been done its best to COPY the executable out of your browser window and PASTE it onto your desktop. 


When you start, you will be in 'screening disabled' mode. 

- Use the ARROW KEYS to move around the lab & the Lt & Rt MOUSE buttons to zoom.
- Try positioning yourself at the end of the table with the c arm on your right.

Press the SPACEBAR...

You will now be in 'screening enabled' mode. 

- The arrow keys now move the c-arm. Press the ENTER button to screen!
- 'R' and 'F' keys drive the c-arm along the length of the table, 'E and 'D' keys move the intensifier up & down. 
- Use the MOUSE to pan the floating top table & the Lt & Rt MOUSE buttons to raise & lower the table height.

Instant radiographic technique lesson:

Try swinging the c arm to lateral & positioning the heart in the middle of the screen. Now, press the spacebar to go back to screening disabled mode & try the sequencer- the heart will always be in the middle, whichever projection (LAO / RAO) you move to! Very useful for coronary angiography!

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