Single Plane VCL 




  • Enables realistic interactive demonstration of the relationship between table movement, table height, and c-arm angulations.
  • Shows the best c-arm angles to visualise different aspects of coronary anatomy.
  • Instant feedback helps re-enforce radiographic knowledge of coronary artery anatomy through real-time visualisation and identification of the 3D anatomical models.


  • Potential radiation dose reduction for both staff and patients through possible reduction in screening time and improvement in radiological technique.
  • May increase procedure efficiency.
  • Can lead to increased patient throughput.


  • Full interactive control of C arm and floating top table.
  • True radiological anatomical orientation presented on frontal monitor.
  • Real-time display of c arm angulations plus common views (Cranial, Caudal, LAO, RAO Spider, PA, PA Cranial, PA Caudal, etc).
  • Dual interactive modes: "Screening Disabled" and "Screening Enabled".
  • Add and remove anatomical models in real time.
  • Realistic coronary artery anatomy models demonstrate the LMS, Cx, LAD, RCA & PDA.
  • "Lesion Painter" allows interactive deformation of the Coronary artery mesh to generate stenoses.
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